GC Maryhill Gloria Cabana (Ana)

Smoke Tortoiseshell Female
Born October 14, 2017
Sire: Maryhill El Grandioso (black)
Dam: CH Maryhill A Capella (smoke tortie)
Picture taken at 1 year 5 months old

Arrowlakes Winterberry

Black Female
Born November 24, 2018
Sire: RW SGC Hyms N Perrs Phantom of Arrowlakes
Dam: RW SGC Wallycats Boolicious
Picture taken at 1 yr 4.5 months of age

Arrowlakes Hidden Lights (Heidi)

Black Smoke Female
Born:  May 28, 2019
Sire: RW SGC Hyms N Perrs Phantom of Arrowlakes
Dam: GC Maryhill Gloria Cabana
Picture taken at 10.5 months of age

Arrowlakes Evening Mist

Blue Cream Female
Born November 9, 2021
Sire: RW Wallycats Beso
Dam: DGC Arrowlakes Winterberry
Picture taken at 3.5 months old

RW SGC Wallycats Boolicious (Boo)

Black Female

Born October 31, 2013
Sire: QGC Scrimshaw My Guy of Wallycats
Dam: IW RW SGC Wallycats Be My Baby Picture taken at 1 yr 5 months old
2014/2015 TICA Northwest Region’s 10th Best Cat


CH Arrowlakes Northern Lights (Irina)

Black Smoke Female
Born December 29, 2009
Sire: CH Real World Tevin
Dam: RW QGC Arrowlakes Cascading Lights
Picture taken at 23 months old

The abbreviations in front of a cat’s name designates their championship status as follows:

  • IW – International Win
  • QGC – Quadruple Grand Champion
  • GC – Grand Champion
  • RW – Regional Win
  • TGC – Triple Grand Champion
  • CH – Champion
  • SGC – Supreme Grand Champion
  • DGC – Double Grand Champion