I live in Castlegar, a small town in British Columbia, Canada. I have been showing and breeding Persian cats for 25 years. I enjoy breeding and showing cats however I always follow the golden rule that cats are pets first and their health and well-being come before breeding and showing. My primary interest is working with smoke colored Persians however I also enjoy showing and breeding solid colors. As I only keep a small number of cats they are not caged and have free reign of the house.

Feel free to take a look at our Females, Males and Gallery to find out more about my furry friends. If you are interested in a kitten have a look at the kittens that are available. Please note that Persians require regular grooming, combing and bathing to keep their coats in good condition and tangle/knot free. All kittens placed in a pet home are spayed or neutered before they leave my home. They have also been checked by my vet, dewormed and received their vaccinations pursuant to my vet’s recommendations.

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